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Where are we with all the Covid Bills in California?

As I waited over an hour to represent the conservative voice in EDH yesterday, I could hear over and over, " I oppose", " I strongly oppose", " I am representing my grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and I strongly oppose SB 1479". This sentiment went on and on, with over 200 callers and 4o in person citizens, showing their strong opposition to Senate Bill 1479, Authored by Senator Pan, that will mandate Testing Centers and a Covid Testing Plan in all California Schools. Co-Chair Melissa Melendez (R) who acted in the role of Chairwoman, due to Chairman Senator Pans obvious conflict, and was the only voice of Opposition from the Nine Member Health committee. I knew right away, they had no intention of representing the "people"; they were representing the agencies that came to support, who also have large financial motives to this Bills passing. Not one individual citizen called, or testified in person for supporting this Bill.

Many argue, "Oh, it's only testing, we have been doing it for years". Well, lets talk about that. Not only do we know that 35% of these Rapid Testing methods produce a false result ( false positive or negative) and more importantly, we do know this. Everytime a site is disturbed with mass testing, students miss valuable classroom time. Kids miss out on sports, and supervision, for some, meals and safety. We also know that A-Symptomatic children, produce small "shedding" to the other populations. We also know that testing kits and centers are available to anyone who wished to use them. Want your kid tested 2/week? Fine you do you boo, but to mandate testing in this place and time is over-reach.

BTW Committee Approved the Bill. More Millions Spent...

So, where might we stand with the other bills lurking out there? I think there is a trepidation to jump with the "Big Boys of Bills"...Employment and School/University Vaccine mandates. Many celebrated the pulling of AB 1993 (Employment Mandates) but don't get too excited,. the author insinuates she could "Be back", I guess that is code for after the election. I believe the same with SB 1464 which is still alive, in the amendment process, and would make a criminal offense for Law Enforcement or other Agency in a City or County refuse to enforce and execute punishment's for violations of Health Mandates.

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