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How Did we Get here???? Semi-Rural EDH in Jeopardy

As I write this, I am still in shock that we are in this place. Most of us came to EDH and EDC because of a life style. One of open hills, beautiful landscape, calmer days, low crime and great schools. No one was naïve that growth wouldn't be on the horizon. After all, that is what zoning and a general plan are for, right?

But to everyone's SHOCK, it has been revealed that our county, yes, the people that work for US, have been entertaining with NDAs and back door promises, with a company and developer who will shatter everything that El Dorado Hills and El Dorado County are..

They disguise this as the "Project Frontier". Sounds harmless right? They tout of the millions it will bring to the county and the jobs and opportunities. But behind this false image is complete ruin and despair. We now are confident to call it what it is...the LARGEST AMAZON WAREHOUSE in California and third largest in the country. Yes, starting calculations are at 4.8 MILLION square feet with a whopping 110' feet in height. However, we recently learned that back in 2017, a recruitment letter. of the same nature of business was sent guessed it, AMAZON. Only this introduction to the offer could be up to 8 million sq. feet, with adjacent properties available. As if this is not enough, this "warehouse" larger than 10 football fields, Golden One Arena or the Terminal B at the Airport, will tout over 150 DIESEL trucks up and down 50 into our town on a 365 Day 24/7 basis. ( not to mention the expected 5000 round trips by employee and smaller vehicles)

Before you say, well its a Business Park, you should expect this. Let me share a few details. Yes, It is a BUSINESS PARK. The zoning and intentions were for complexes that add a campus like setting, and enjoyable walkways and intermixed use like schools, dance and theater studios, medical, fitness and even residential. What our county is doing is completely change the use to HIGH USE INDUSTRIAL which by their OWN words and definitions add noise, pollution, traffic, particulate matter, and are not suitable where homes and schools surround.

Anyone who knows me knows my motto, "Elections Matter" These elected officials have an obligation to protect the interests of the community at large. Not the county tax collectors office. Now, we the people, have to hold them and a sleezy Planning Department and CEO to that expectation and obligation.

We all have an obligation to serve in one way or the other. Some will be in ACTION by getting directly involved, by distributing flyers, and physical efforts. Some will be in TALENT, we are constantly in need of tech help, web design, business with things to donate and some will be in DONATION. When all else fails...DONATE. Elections cost money. Fighting this will cost money. Its the sad reality that developers and people outside our town want influence, and they pay for it in elections that hurt our county. We have to keep the good guys in!!

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