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November 2022.. This is it folks...We must all ACT NOW

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Its that time of year, midterms 2022. Mail Out Ballots have gone out, and we have our last month to get the word out on the importance to our Conservative Voters to get out the VOTE.

Does it seem every election is the "Most important Election of our lives"? Well, as much as that is the truth, yes, every election is important and our duty and constitutional right to vote that we should never neglect, even when we think to ourselves, " My little vote can't possibly matter". Well, it does matter. And even when it doesn't seem it does, it is still our duty and obligation as Citizens of this GREAT COUNTRY.

For local elections, this could not reign true more. We learned and saw first hand, the importance of local control and governance during the Lockdowns and Mandates from our State and Federal bodies. We sat back, not even realizing the control we have as a locality. Kids being held from school, businesses closed, threats of masks and making criminals of those questioning. All this should have been our LOCAL control. Many school boards started to listen, some too late in my opinion. Board of Supervisors in many districts placated to State Mandates, and even brought in State Authorities to supersede control of our ELECTED Sheriff.

The next fiscal year for our School Boards is CRUCIAL. In the next term they will be making decisions for your and my children on major subjects such as Health ( aka sexual education which now includes gender studies) and Ethnic Studies ( a new State requirement to be implemented at the DISTRICT level which if we are not careful will contain Critical Race Theories) Who do you want making those decisions for you should another State "emergency" prevail, who do you want fighting? Those representing Unions and State/Federal Agencies and Funds, or those fighting for the Kids who suffered immense damages in 2020.

So, some tips. First and Foremost: VOTE IN PERSON AND EARLY. Make sure if you did not receive your mail ballot, you be on alert with the Secretary of State and register for notifications of your "vote"

Get active. Everyone has a "group" Get a reliable voter endorsement list ( we have one for example) and send to your email list. Take To church. Hit your neighborhood street; post on your socials. Imagine if EVERYONE took 10 what power that has.

Many of you are faithful, but are we living our faith to the fullest, which means serving the least of these? God has commanded us to be the keeper of our neighbor. That means in service, as well as prayer and thought. I leave you with this:

"You cannot hide from duty. You are your neighbor’s keeper. God expects you to help and protect those that are in mortal danger unjustly, if you have the power to deliver them". "If thou sayest, Behold, we knew it not; doth not he that pondereth the heart consider it? and he that keepeth thy soul, doth not he know it? and shall not he render to every man according to his works” (Pr 24:12)?

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