The El Dorado County Board of Supervisors meets on Tuesdays - Check the Agenda and Calendar here
District 1 SupervisorJohn Hidahl
District 2 SupervisorGeorge Turnboo
District 3 Supervisor - Wendy Thomas
District 4 Supervisor - Lori Parlin
District 5 Supervisor - Sue Novasel

Our California State Assembly Republicans here.


State Assembly District 6 - Kevin Kiley

State Assembly District 5 - Frank Bigelow

State Senate District 1 - Brian Dahle

US Congressman District 4 - Tom McClintock

Our California State Senate Republicans here.

Current Membership:

31 Democrats

9 Republicans

Each Senator represents 931,349 Californians.


El Dorado County Superintendent of Schools - Ed Mansala


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Updates on the bad bills: 

SB871 – mandatory COVID shots for daycare and school attendance. GOOD NEWS - we’ve scored a majority victory as this bill has been suspended until 2023! Our opposition efforts are having a very positive impact. 

AB2098 – prohibits medical professionals from providing accurate information and requires they only disclose information approved by the government. This bill is being heard in committee tomorrow, 4/19/22. Here is the information to oppose. https://abp.assembly.ca.gov/membersstaff  


I urge you to OPPOSE AB2098. This bill will be devastating to the people of California in that we must preserve the integrity of doctor/patient relationships and must preserve the inalienable right to medical freedom of choice. This legislation proposes to mandate medical practitioners in California to continue perpetuating popular lies regarding safety and effectiveness of so-called COVID-19 “vaccines”.   


CDC data is inherently comprised as the majority of it is paid for by pharmaceutical companies. Pfizer and BioNTech are now being sued in Case: 1:21-cv-00008-MJT filed on 1/8/22 in the Eastern Texas District Court for making false claims about the safety and effectiveness of their COVID19 vaccines which did not complete FDA required clinical trials. 

Statistical data shows cumulative Breakthrough Cases Through December – 2,586,927 (78.8% increase from Nov Cumulative Data); Cumulative Breakthrough Hospitalizations Through December – 90,119 (60.0% increase from Nov Cumulative Data); Cumulative Breakthrough Deaths Through December – 24,903 (54.6% increase over Nov Cumulative Data). VAERS data shows COVID injections have resulted in 50 times more deaths per injection than all other vaccines to date. This data is being ignored by all who continue to promote the COVID injections as safe and effective. Data published by the UKHSA as of February 6, 2022 shows that 9 in 10 of every COVID death is a “vaccinated” person. There is ample evidence that these shots are neither safe or effective. 


For these reasons, it is very important that medical practitioners continue being permitted to provide patients with the opportunity to make informed consent and choice before receiving any experimental medical treatments. Please vote no on AB2098. 


SB1464 – requires law enforcement personnel to enforce public health orders. This bill is being heard in committee 4/20/22 and 4/26/22. Here is the information to oppose. SHEA.Committee@sen.ca.gov 916-651-4111 & https://spsf.senate.ca.gov/ 916-651-4118. 


I urge you to OPPOSE SB1464. This bill is proposing an unconstitutional requirement of law enforcement personnel and should be considered an illegal proposal. Law enforcement personnel operate under oath to uphold and defend the constitutional rights of all individuals. Requiring them to enforce illegal mandates issued in the guise of a public health order is a direct violation of their oath of office. 


Repeated attempts by the California legislature to erode the constitutional freedoms of Californians are intolerable and no elected representative should be participating in these actions. Your constituents will be closely watching the actions you take in these next few weeks and it is your duty to ensure that the constitutional rights and freedoms of Californians are preserved. Please vote no on SB1464. 

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