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Masks and What is Next..Keep Your Eyes OPEN

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

The past month, I have been consumed with watching our Neighbor, Canada, and its Citizens fight for Freedom of Choice with their Government. To see Tens of Thousands of people, in the FREEZING elements of Canada, in the streets, together in peace and comradery, was absolutely breathtaking. To see their "government" come in as dictators, and violently remove, arrest, and in some cases attack them, made me sick to my stomach (from Country that calls themselves a Democracy and Free Country). It made me think of how often, we plead for people to stand up, to get out there and make some noise, yet few come to the call. Many are feeling a ounce of victory on the recent announcement of the EDC School Districts, to ease the enforcement of the School Mask Mandates. Yet don't be fooled. We are seeing push back from teachers and administrators, to be-little, bully and bribe children to COMPLY. It made me wonder, why are they so adamant to force CHILDREN to comply with a "mandate" that even Science has de-bunked, and the rest of the world has been lifted from? Could it be that they see these young students as their chance to create conformists without questions? After all, most adults are set in their ways, their values and their tolerance against attacks on their personal freedom. Children are still being molded in those values, and they are taught. Most Children spend more time with their teachers, than their parents. They want to be liked, praised and accepted.

So, what do we do? Well, we fight, we make noise and we don't go away. I love seeing the Middle and High School students awaken to their voices, their rights, their freedom. Some making big sacrifices of grades, suspension, threats of suspension, sports disqualifications...but they don't stop. Some want to blend in, and not be the subject of these attacks, and I completely understand that. They are kids. However, what will happen next if we don't teach them to stand up and sacrifice? Well, the Leftists win. We must gear up for what is naturally next, and that is MANDATED vaccines. Richard Pan ( Senator) is already on the prowl ready to pounce. Newsom seems hesitant due to upcoming Elections. But don't be fooled, they have a strategy.

PLEASE get involved. Come to Meetings, Get on the Streets, Help with the Elections however you can. Get your kids involved. Make sure you subscribe or check the calendar and call outs for opportunities. Create an opportunity, let us know and we will help promote it!! The Moms and Dads will be the voice of change. These are OUR children, not the Governments ( despite what they think)

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