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Updated: Feb 22, 2022

As you know John Adams joined our EDH Community brining a unique and traditional form of education as a charter school. They would like to keep growing in our Community and need our help from some deterrence from EDCOE ( El Dorado County Office of Education)

JAA needs your help. Our EDH campus consists of only one building and a concrete playground. JAA has an opportunity to purchase a new building which will house an additional 1,700 scholars, build an outdoor sports field and recreation area. This growth is desperately needed by JAA and our growing community of patriotic families who are on the wait list (of over 1,000). The decision of whether JAA will be able to move forward rests with El Dorado County Office of Education (EDCOE). Historically, EDCOE has been supportive of JAA, recognizing the need for alternative, patriotic, classical education and supporting our charter. EDCOE agreed to authorize our charter when Buckeye refused a few years ago. We are partners! However, when JAA recently presented its expansion plans to EDCOE, the teacher’s union and one local district OPPOSED the expansion, stating that public school enrollment (and funds) are already declining, and providing another option to families would reduce enrollment even more. (Yes, you heard that right – the unions are arguing against our expansion because families are leaving public school to attend it.) Are you going to let them get away with that? NO! You are NOT! JAA needs you to write a cordial, courteous letter informing EDCOE that parents deserve CHOICE and our children deserve OPPORTUNITY. They’re deciding how to spend YOUR TAX DOLLARS! EDCOE officials are elected, that means they answer to YOU. Politely ask them to approve the expansion because it is the RIGHT THING TO DO. The waiting list makes it loud and clear that JAA is a reputable, expanding, treasured school in our community. Please send an email to the addresses below supporting the expansion of our EDH campus. Ask your adult children and parents to do the same. Share the attached flier on social media. Please do this by March 1.

If you’re interested in attending the public hearing about this expansion, mark your calendar for April 5. Details to come! Want to know more? Reply to me, read the attached email or contact Michael McCoy with questions.

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